Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ya Gotta "Believe!"

Many friends and supporters have suggested at one time or another that the WWSN write a book about our experiences with network marketing scams and MLM pyramid schemes. There are many entertaining stories we could tell, naturally, but it always seems that most people are only interested in current people, products, and programs. While there is much that consumers could learn by studying the companies that have come and gone in the past, even people who say they recognize the importance of proper due diligence, rarely do any. Why write a book nobody would bother to read?

And who would watch a movie about network marketing, especially one that parodies the industry and lampoons everyone from the fast-talking charismatic phonies who promote the scams to the hapless people who are taken in by their lies and deception?

You should! Billed as a "A Hilarious Movie About Network Marketing", "Believe" is the story of a typical MLM company, complete with an enthusiastic promoter, clueless downlines and marginal products.

"Set in the anywhere-USA town of Springfield, BELIEVE tells the story of Adam Pendon (Larry Bagby) a struggling steel mill truck driver trying to support his family. When the mill unexpectedly closes, Adam's world is thrown upside down by his new unemployment. While worrying about the loss of his job, Adam is approached by a slick, well dressed and confident salesman, Mark Fuller (Lincoln Hoppe), who, it would seem, has a business opportunity and quick fix to Adam's financial problems.

When Adam agrees to meet Mark at a local hotel for a "business" meeting, he is introduced to the unique world of Believe Industries, a multi-level marketing company, and the people who populate it. Dan (Steve Anderson) and Sally Bretenheimer (Ann Bosler) are the loveable losers who can't succeed despite their most desperate efforts. Tom (Brian Clark) and Amy Hawks (Britani Bateman) are the super-focused couple who seem destined for success or a trip to divorce court. And Howard Flash (Jeff Olson) is the self-proclaimed reformed sinner who was living in a trailer park until the business saved his life and made him the wealthiest man in Believe.

Despite his wife's concerns, Adam joins Believe and begins to succeed despite himself. He quickly finds himself rocketing to super-stardom within the ranks of Believe as his wife grows increasingly concerned with how the business is changing her husband. When Adam realizes Believe is misleading his fellow Believers at the company's over-the-top convention he finds himself at a crossroads; does he turn a blind eye and enjoy the wealth and fame he is amassing or does he walk away from it all?"

Don't miss "Believe!" It will make a believer out of you!


GrumpyOldMan said...

The Movie "Believe" was spot on! I laughed, because everything I hate about MLM was on that Movie! I've been associated with one MLM since 1998, and feel this is recommended viewing by everyone in MLM and anyone considering MLM. I give the Movie: Two Thumbs UP!

sysop said...

Is this movie on cable or online? I run a blog about MLM scams and other "techniques" at

I'd love to review this!

daniel said...

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