Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lifewave Patent Rejected

It has been more than three years since Lifewave nanotechnology patch inventor David Schmidt first asked the WorldWide Scam Network to submit any questions we had about his company and his nontransdermal energy patch product line. Questions were submitted, but answers were never received.

Those original questions and our analysis are still posted at the top of the WWSN home page:

The Lifewave Patches & Dr. David Schmidt Due Diligence Worksheet

One of those questions was about the "Lifewave Patent Application", which asks:

Marketing the Lifewave patch with only the protection of a "Patent Pending" is risky, at best. Aside from attorney's fees, the cost to file for the patent application is only $75.

With new "patches" appearing on the MLM market all the time, Lifewave should have acquired a real patent before proceeding to market the product. Even though proof of efficacy is not required, the patent itself could yet be denied for many reasons.

If this was just a new version of a multivitamin, the risks would be minimal.

But the Lifewave patch science and product claims are far beyond anything else currently available on this planet and will be worth many billions of dollars. Rushing ahead to market the patches without a formal patent is unbelievably shortsighted and does not indicate good legal advice or common sense. Why was Lifewave willing to risk so much just to enter the network marketing arena? The Lifewave company will be bigger than Microsoft. Would Bill Gates have launched his company and his product without complete Patent protection?

Everything about David Schmidt and his goofy patches reeks of scam, from his lack of a curriculum vitae, to his lack of education, his silly theories about patches that "communicate with your body like a cell phone", his psuedoscience explanations of nanotechnology and resonant frequency transfer, and even his wacky Dr. Haltiwanger.

Like most fraudulent MLM products, much is made of their patent application. This is supposed to convey a sense of legitimacy and credibility upon the product and its creators. And thousands of gullible network marketing lemmings swallow the bait whole and proceed to commit their time, money, emotions and effort into selling worthless placebo products to their friends and loved ones.

The Lifewave company is a mess - their bills are not being paid, their best people have already left the program, their product line is a joke, and they still do not have any legitimate independent studies which prove their glycerin patches do anything but empty your wallet.

And yet they always seem to be able to find another dumb jock to write testimonials.

The company limps along, thanks to forced auto-ships and monthly sales requirements to affiliates, and they've aimed their marketing efforts towards the Far East, where they hope that they will find concumers more accepting of their ancient Chinese mumbo-jumbo explanations of meridian points, acupuncture, Chi, and tuning forks.

And this is not an attack on acupuncture or New Age science and philosophies; there is much to be learned there.

But when an MLM scam artist such as David Schmidt bastardizes true science and New Age philosophies to sell worthless patches in an MLM marketing scheme such as Lifewave, he hurts and offends everybody.

So the U.S. Patent Office has had three years to review David Schmidt's lengthy and obtuse patent application. Greater minds than ours with genuine scientific expertise, education, and experience have gone over Schmidt's theories with a fine-toothed comb.

And what was their decision?


You may read the final statement here:

Or you can look at it this way:

It took the Patent Office three years to tell us what the WorldWide Scam Network was saying three years ago-

David Schmidt is a fraud.

Lifewave patches are a fraud.

Anyone who buys and/or sells Lifewave patches is promoting a scam.

Nevertheless, thousands of MLM monkeys wasted three years of their life worshipping at the altar of "Dr." David Schmidt (he signed the original patent application as "Dr." David Schmidt - he attempted to defraud the Patent Office right from the start!). These people refused to consider or discuss proper due diligence and chose instead to "believe in" David Schmidt and all of the dim-witted athletes who will wear and endorse Scotch tape and a cotton ball dipped in honey, if there is a bribe attached.

People need to wake up and get with the program. Due diligence is not something you should leave to the patent office. If you don't like what the WWSN has to say, then do your own research; ask questions and get answers.

But don't let snake-oil salesmen and con artists such as David Schmidt steal your money, your life, and your reputation using nothing more than scientific-sounding technobabble and breathless testimonials.


theworldwidescam said...

The only real Scammer is Mr Bob Rip Off Everyone Burtis just check out and see for yourself how many people he has ripped off from $10 to $8,000,000.00 and everything inbetween

MaxGXL Australia said...

I've come across a few people now who use these patches and they swear by them!

I was pretty skeptical about it all and this blog confirms my suspisions.

Even though they may 'feel' better, placebo is a powerful thing.

I use MaxGXL to increase my glutathione. This product actually has an approved composition patent on it.

find out more at

Sharon said...

I will wait to make a comment til I try them it is only 20$ and if I do not try I will never know. No placebo can take away the amount of pain most people who are going to order this are going to have. In about 3 weeks I will write a comment with actual opinion

Sharon said...

Anyone else with pain who has any more info on holistic pain care,let's talk Sharon

energy-heals said...

I am a practitioner of natural medicine and very hard to convince that such things as pain patches actually work. I detest MLM as well. However, I have used the pain patches on my recent injury and no way was it a placebo effect. I tried a placebo as well and it had exactly no effect. My wife covered both the real pain patches on me, and also the placebos. I had no idea which was which and went only by the pain relief given. The pain patches certainly did what was required. The relief came in seconds. The placebos did nothing.

A patient came with a frozen shoulder last night. She was in terrible pain. My wife put pain patches on her without telling her anything and in about 30 seconds the patient said about 90% of the pain was gone. When she left an hour later she was completely pain free.

I used the pain patches to help a neighbours dog that was hit by a car. They did an excellent job. Placebo effect? Don't think so.

Linda said...

I would like to know what is actually in the patches themselves. I'm using the SP6 ones and from what I can see they are just a bandage to stick a tiny ball on your leg. The ball presses into the acupuncture point and voila.

I have no problem with acupuncture and have had great relief from it over the years BUT if all Lifewave is, is just a bandaid with a marble then I can supply that to myself for about $2.00 not the $89.00 they are charging.

But I would really like to know if the patch is "laced" with anything spectacular that contributes or if it just holds the tiny ball in place.

energy-heals said...

I am an energy practitioner and a sceptic when I see such things as the patches. I have no idea whats in them and I go by results only. I have seen some amazing results with the pain patches and as for placebo, how does that work on a horse? I have seen it and I am convinced of the pain patches. As for the others, I have yet to test them.

Momaromma said...

I am having a lecture on these amazing patches on September 15 2010 online. If you want to learn more join us.. Email me

There is no selling at the meeting.

Momaromma said...

I am having an online class on these amazing patches. If you are interested in learning more email me at

Claude Duquette said...

having effect means nothing for me many spititism healer have their magic potion and believe me it work.the pain problem is always between the 2 ears...and just a plaster on the neck can do the same if you beleive like a kid when mom put a plaster on a little bruise....the faithful kid is heal in a second... please please dont be a kid ....

Alfredo Rodrigues said...

I am Portuguese and probably more skeptical than everybody else.
However, I tried the patches on me, and in a matter of seconds, a pain I was suffering from since almost 2 months, with little relief on a quiropractor I was visiting every week, this pain decreased almost completely.
I used the patches on people that I didn't know, and the results were amazing. They even did testemonials on the effects of these patches.
Lifewave know belongs to the DSA as you may confirm youselfs:
They have been featured by Moving America Forward. Whatch it below:
They have been featured on PBS. Watch it below:
We have 2 Portuguese medical doctors featuring Lifewave patches with great results on their patients.
It's a lot of references already.
If this was a scam, would this company survive from 7 years now?
I don't think so...
If there is someone reading this from Portugal, you may contact me from
our site:
skype: alfjmrodrigues
Hope this helps clarifying the legitimacy of this incredible company.
Alfredo Rodriges

Aina said...

I was sceptical too when I heard about the patches as first, and I remained skeptic for a while, because I just wasn't sure if I felt pain releif or whatever.
My even more skeptical son, has a cronic back pain, and also a pain in his ankel, behind the achilles.
Skeptical as he was, he asked me to put an IceWave patch on the spot of his heal wich the pain was located. I put one on the inside and the other on the outside, and he just looked at me with a grin: The pain is gone. And that was instantly!
So he said: Try putting them on my back pain as well. He pointed out the pain senter spot, and I put one on, the other one three inches above, and the same result. Pain gone.
The pain relief lasts for approx 12 hours, then the pain is back.
If this was marely placebo, don't you think the physio therapist and the naprapat he went to a year ago would have given him the same pain relief? Well, they didn't help AT ALL.
As I said, my son is a skeptic to anything he don't understand or can't explain, an he simply did not expect any effect from the patches when he told me to try them out on him. He probably wanted to show me they didn't work...

I don't care what Mr. TheWorldWideScamNetwork has to say about the patches. He obvoiusly don't know skwat about them, haven't tried them, and merely want to cry out about an idea he don't beleive in and therefore don't like. (Sorry about miss spellings, english is my second language).

Rosie said...

I have had pain from arthritis for 50 years. I use Lifewave Icewave pain patches and they work. They are a new way of doing needle-less acupuncture. I've seen many get pain relief from the patches. I'd be glad to answer any questions. If you have a scientific mind go to the website and read all the Published Studies under Research and Studies at I can be emailed at if you have questions.

A very happy, pain free, Lifewave customer,

Blackwolf_101 said...
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RonnyGoodRod said...

l bought some muscle patches which were said to build muscle by blocking a regulatory substance called myostatin. l saw muscles grow within weeks with relatively little effort where previous heavy efforts had failed to show results. The proof is in the pudding this was not a result of a feel good nature. that muscle was real. All l see from derisive websites is posted reasons why these patches cant work, which is in and of itself not convincing as it purely an opinion.

Noel C. said...

Sir, There are many reasons why a patent application is rejected. Reading the rejection it stricks me that the appliaction for patent protection was to broad in applicaton and means of attachment, this does not mean the product does not d as claimed. You imply that a 'legitimate' company would not go to market with a novel product without a patent. Well that is not true, many companies launch products without patent protection, one of the most famous is Coca Cola!. Also you state that the company struggles to pay its bills, well I have been dealing with them for some time and have never had a bill not paid on time. So what factual cases are you refering to?. Yours Noel C.

NDLifeWave said...

I came across these patches by accident. I was very skeptical, I couldn't believe these plastic stuff could relieve any pain. I went to a conference where some distributors were trying them on many persons, I firstly thought that people from the audience were distributors friends and were faking. I then decided to check on myself, I used to have a ver old pain (20 years), I wanted to challenge them and asked if they could help me. I was totally amazed with the results, my pain was GONE. I couldn't believe it. I tried them on other persons and the result was the same. I'm really happy to use them and to share that technology with people here in Switzerland, France, Morocco and all over the world. I'll be happy to tell you more about my story.

Lutheran Grace Church said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lutheran Grace Church said...


There is not one shred of independent scientific research or evidence pertaining to the phony Lifewave placebo patches. And the new "Matrix" scam is even worse. These phony cell phone radiation shields have been around for years.

There is NO science, NO evidence, NO peer-reviewed publications, NO independent double-blind placebo controlled studies. If they could PROVE Lifewave patches really worked in a court of law, they would have sued me years ago.

But they cannot because it is an absolute fraud.

energy-heals said...

Lutheran Grace Church. Are you an individual speaking for yourself or do you really represent all members of your church ? Sounds a lot like you have missed out on a lot of money by not being at the top of this Life Wave outfit. I treat people for painful injuries and ongoing pain just about every day and I am not a network marketer or a Lutheran. I have no axe to grind.

I suffered terrible back injuries many years ago and in recent years it caught up with me big time. A friend who is a Life Wave distributor gave me some pain patches to try and they worked fast. As for the placebo effect, how do you get around the fact that I have successfully used them on a dog and a horse?

Bartosz Konarski said...

I am personal trainer and I am using these paches on my clients. I was very skeptical because I hate all the MLM network. One day I tried and it really work.Pain has gone after a few minutes. Now I am using it on my clients and everyone is happy.Fantastic product.Not SCAM like others MLM.

Integrity hard work love said...

Yep, actually they are. I worked for these guys and all they want is donkeys to bring them other people's $$$. One of the "VIP" lets just say has a screen name as "shopperspender$".........classy. They hand pick the people at the top of this pyramid and those are friends from a long time ago. You will prob work you butt off and burn friend and family and piss them off too because you sold them on a 90$ band-aid. If you have pain go see a real doctor, don't trust these sales scummy people they will tell you what you want to hear and at the same time peob get you to sell it too, because they too get money from that.......sad how people will essitally sell you anything for a buck and to get someone at the top very rich. Don't let them profit from your own ignorance, it's sales people not treatments! When the last time you went to a doc and he tried to sign you up to sell his services!?-never! That's right never because they don't need a scam to get clients, the earn their positions through hard work. I feel like this should be something everyone should already know, it's pretty common sense if you ask me, however if you don't already know let me clarify it I you so you can save you $.....Don't ever buy or else something that is only sold through a pyramid scam if the product was any good they would sell it that way. Duh! Oh and yes I've tried them all, still have a crap load under my sink, because when you work there you are stocked up because they have boxes and boxes of this crap, and it does nothing. Well is does do one thing, it takes advantage of people who do all the work pushing this "product" aka "sticker" and it make a couple people REALLY rich and that's people the top. A top that is not attainable through any sales, but by the people who is scamming everyone into selling these expensive sticker and giving them all the money. Oh yeah and Laura, the wife of one of the top ups, bragged directly to me how much she loves spending your money! Awful, and very high school clicks and 2faced... She may be smiling to your face and ACTING nice, Telly she is a bratty like girl like the one on Willy-Wonka, "I want it now!" all she is thinking when she is talking to you is how much $ can this dummy make me?!?!?

toblkflys said...

I am a life-long skeptic! I do not believe in chiropractors, naturopaths, herbal or homeopathic remedies, etc. I'm a nurse and have always used what I call "real" medicine...allopathic medicine (MD's, DO's, surgery, pharmaceuticals, etc.). In the course of my job I happened to meet with a naturopathic doctor to discuss business unrelated to medicine. I happened to mention that I had been suffering with chronic pain in my low back for over 7 years. I have had back surgery and am on a regimen of oxycontin and oxycodone daily. He offered to apply the patches to see if they would work for me, again, let me emphasize I am a skeptic! I was absolutely FLOORED when he applied the patches and I went from a 4-5 on the pain scale to a 0-1! In 7 years I have NEVER had that much pain relief with ANY modality, pharmaceutical, surgery, injections, etc. If this is placebo effect, I welcome it, but in order for placebos to be effective one has to believe that it will work. AGAIN, I have never believed in anything but traditional medicine. I'm hoping to completely get off my narcotic medications using these patches. Anything that can replace being on daily narcotics has to have some merit to them. Am I still a skeptic? Sure, but I KNOW this works for me. For those suffering with chronic pain please at least try the patches. You can find a local naturopathic doctor who uses these and if they are a good doctor they will let you try them free. I can't speak to LifeWave being a scam, I can only speak to my extraordinary experience!

toblkflys said...

To "Integrity Hard Work Love", if you have boxes of patches under your sink...I'd love to take them off your hands! Email me at We can work out payment. They are obviously doing you no good, but I'd be glad to use them! Thank you for your consideration!

JM- said...

HaHa! You're quite the funny man. Perhaps you ought to seek work in the world of stand up comedy rather than as the pathetic blogger that you are. I also wonder why you haven't posted any comments since 2008????! Could it be because most of the responses to the dreck that you dare to call a blog piece smearing LifeWave are positive rather than negative?

Get a real job!

Mary nelson said...

Lifewave Patch
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tinydancer said...

edemotiI have had a bone infarct in my right knee x three years - had no idea a LIFEWAVE guest was being interviewed on the Tv show I am working on. He put the patch on my knee - another patch close to and gave me a sip of water and for the next 24 hours I had no pain at all. Period. The people I have met have been kind and humble. I no longer need narcotics. I cannot imagine how this can be a scam when I experienced the effects of so quickly and they lasted - pain free due to a patch. That is not a placebo folks. I stand by them as my expp was real - if one wished to be a skeptic so be it. All good. Fo me it is a go.

tinydancer said...

Bone infarct right knee. narcotics not helping. Met a LIFEWAVE person - kind and humble who was being interviewed on our tv show. He put a patch on my knee - another close by and gave me a sip of water. Pain of three yrs gone completely within 1 sec. Has not returned Def not a placebo. It is cool that there are skeptics out there - does not effect my life in anyway. For me I would probably be skeptical too had I not experienced the effects first hand. I did however and cannot deny how fabulous it feels to live pain free - for me. Sure beats all those chemicals and doc visits. Just works well for me and many others i have found. Respectfully of course.

Ann said...

The only thing that I can tell you all is that the lifewave patch really does work. My husband broke his back in 3 places 2 years ago and was living in constant pain. The icewave has eased that pane considerably about 80%, scam, I think not. I patched a dressage horse that was having muscular problems in his hind quarters, Animals do not lie, helped him considerably, dog with bad hips, patched him helped him considerably. Scam, nope, the real deal. Thanks Lifewave.

marcus volke said...

Big surprise, the scathing of author of this blog made absolutely no comment on the dozens of peer reviewed, controlled clinical studies on lifewave patches proving their efficacy.
Apparently rhetoric counts for me than an actual scientific argument.

Yana Krassilnikova said...

Wow, the author of this article is just a nincompoop! I do not see any controverting scientific evidence that would prove the inefficacy of the patches. Importantly, I do not see how he made a connection between the patent rejection and his allegation that the inventor of the patches is a fraud! If you read the patent rejection notice, the only reasons why this patent was rejected were because the invention was "predicted" by another patent, and other similar reasons. At no time did the patent office opine that the patches are ineffective or the inventor is a fraud. Clearly the author of this article harbors some deep-rooted animosity towards the inventor of the patches. I also thought I would disclose that I am neither affiliated with the patches, nor have ever tried them. I am researching this particular pain patch because a client of mine uses it and I needed more information on it. I was, however, compelled to comment on this unfair, one-sided, unsupported by evidence article

Sara said...

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Alice Lee said...

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Chango Land said...

Throughout the last 10 years Lifewave has targetted this blog post with fake accounts claiming that they are lifetime skeptics but Lifewave worked for them. You'd have to be the stupidest of stupid people on the internet to believe these fake testimonials, but just in case you're new to being scammed, this is what it looks like.

Its pathetic that so many sock puppets have loaded up this comment section with the same form letter over the years. They're obviously representatives of this worthless piece of shit company scamming people with all kinds of fairy tales that are truly representative of the most deplorable types of people on earth: Ones who know that you or a loved one has an ailment that they would pay almost anything to try to help, and will go out of their way to take that money from you, and in return you're sold a sticker that literally has no active ingredients whatsoever.

I really wish that the author of this blog would remove his posting because it is doing absolutely nothing except existing for Lifewave to advertise. HOW PATHETIC THAT THE COMPANY ON A REGULAR BASIS COMMENTS ON A 10 YEAR OLD BLOG POST TO TRY TO CONVINCE POTENTIAL BUYERS THAT THE PRODUCT ISN'T A SCAM.